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What should I wear?

The most important rule for choosing your photo-worthy attire is to WEAR SOMETHING COMFORTABLE. Choose something that you feel confident in - something that just feels like "you". Don't overthink it and step too far out of your comfort zone trying to keep up with the latest trends! If any of the tips below make you uncomfortable or just cramp your style, don't worry! These are only suggestions, I want you to WEAR WHAT YOU WANT!

Matching VS Coordinating

The most important thing to remember when styling a family or couple session is to make sure you all match, right? Nope! You do not have to match perfectly and in fact, its better if you don't! This means do not wear the exact same color as your family or partner. Instead, choose a clothing color that compliments their color. Think tones that mesh well together, such as two different earth tones, two different pastels, or different shades of the same color family!


Color is one of the most important things when choosing an outfit. It's always a good idea to avoid colors that are too bright or flashy, especially neons. If you are having trouble choosing a color, neutrals always photograph well. But, you do not have to avoid color completely! There are plenty of colors that will be flattering in a photograph. Think muted colors: mustard yellow, olive green, navy blue, rosy pink, burgundy, pastels of any shade, earth tones, jewel tones. Color is great, when worn the right way!

Patterns and Logos

Just like colors, patterns can be a good or bad thing. You do not have to avoid patterns, but you don't want a pattern so bold that it will distract from the photo. If there is more than one person in the photo, only one of them should wear a pattern. Stripes, florals, flannels...they're all fine to wear! Just be sure to pair them with something plain for balance. Unlike patterns, logos, brand names and other graphics should be avoided. Not only are logos and brand names a distraction, they are likely to go out of style and make your photos feel dated very quick.


Bring your photos to life by choosing pieces with different textures. Adding a cardigan, jean jacket, or other type of layer gives your photo dimension and will keep your style from feeling too plain or flat. Mixing different materials such as denim with chunky knit sweater will also give you the same effect! Lace dresses and studded jackets are two of my personal favorite textures as well.

Theme and Location

It is also a good idea to consider the location or theme of your session when choosing an outfit. If you have chosen a location near water, flowy clothing looks great. If we are at a carnival or park, something fun and casual is perfect! If the theme of our session is fall, rich colors such as red and burnt orange to match the leaves set the tone just right!


Accessories are always a plus! Hats, scarves, shoes, flowers crowns, jackets, jewelry, etc. These are great ways to liven up your photos. Bring anything that you can think of to add to your outfit and we will give it a try! The best part about accessories are, if you change your mind, we don't have to use them. Also, we can always take some photos with them and some without you are feeling hesitant. 

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Last but not least, be sure to double check your attire for anything that could cause a wardrobe malfunction during your shoot. Although sometimes crazy things happen, the most common wardrobe malfunctions are 100% preventable. Make sure you are wearing the proper undergarments underneath your clothes. Make sure the color of your undergarments don't show through your clothes or add any unflattering lines. Be sure to hang or iron your clothing the night before your session to avoid any unwanted wrinkles. If you have a young child, it's always a good idea to bring a change of clothes for them in case any accidents or messes occur before you get to me.  Also, be sure to choose something that fits well. Tight or loose clothes are fine, as long as you feel comfortable wearing them. Although it may seem like a simple thing for a photographer to fix during editing, these are not always easy things to fix and are much more time consuming than you would think. Keep in mind that only basic edits are included in your session, and additional retouching requests of any kind may require an extra cost. 

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